Wednesday, March 19, 2008

audrina naked

We're never afraid to admit our love for "The Hills" here in Pet Rock. Great show, great drama, hot ladies, schmucky guys. It's the new recipe for success on television.

And while we spoke of Lauren Conrad last week for making clothes, this week's news bit is about someone else taking off their clothes.

Topless photos have surfaced online of Audrina Patridge, who stars as Audrina Patridge on MTV's highest-rated show ever, just in time for the March 24 premiere of its new season.

"It wasn't like I needed the money," Patridge confessed today, "more like the actual exposure.

"The fact is these days to get on any lucrative reality show you have to troll your ass to TV execs.

"Often it's a straightforward toss-up: sleep with the producer, fellate the casting agent or slip them a juicy fifteen minute naked porny promo video they can jack off to later at their own convenience.

"No brainer really if you're about to be up on the casting couch but a) have just got your period and b) still have those expensive orthodontics braces in place."

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